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Broadway, NC 

North Carolina State University

MAD - Animation and Interactive Media, 2015-2017

GPA: 4.0 
University of New Hampshire

BA Studio Art - Drawing, 2004-2008 



Horace Sisk Building, “Comics as Communication”, 2019 Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC. 
Raleigh Convention Center, “Video Games Are Dying: Preserving History Through Comics”, 2018 Raleigh, NC. 
Brooks Hall, “The Fate of Owari:  A Quest for Retro Video Game Preservation”, 2017 North Carolina State University, NC. 
Gaylord Convention Center’s Music and Gaming Festival, “Retroware TV: Content Creators Panel”, 2014, National Harbor, MD. 



The Art Gallery, “Press Start to Continue”, 2018 Fayetteville Technical Community College, NC.  
North Carolina State University, “2018 Department of Art + Design Digital Mouse Award for Excellence and Leadership in Digital Technology” May, 2018. 
Ellington-White Contemporary Art Gallery, “University Art Faculty Exhibition”, 2018 Fayetteville, NC.  
Elliot Center Gallery, “Heroes and Villains”, 2013 University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC. 
Phoenix Convention Center, “Phoenix Comicon ‘10 – Staff Access Badge”, 2010 Awardwinning design logo. 




2018-2020, ‘Retro World Expo’, convention logo, billboard advertisement, promotional banners, flyers and t-shirt design. Commissioned by Lance Cortez, co-founder of 
2016, ‘From Plastic to Pixels’, video series logo and title cards. Commissioned by Dan Eardley, founder of 
2013-2016, ‘Shark Knights’, book covers and promotional illustrations. Commissioned by Eric Williams, young adult novelist. 
2013-2015, ‘The Gaming Historian’, brand promotion illustrations. Commissioned by Norman Caruso, founder of 
2013-2014, ‘On Being Human: The Humans Are Coming’, album art. Commissioned by Travis Baker, lead singer of the musical group, On Being Human


Fayetteville State University, Adjunct Faculty, Spring 2019-Present
Fostered a sequential art course centered on the history, design principles and methods of expressing narrative through sequential imagery.  Developed a digital animation curriculum that introduces the basics of computer animation software and focuses on the principles of animation.  Taught a face-to-face digital design course focusing on image correction and augmentation-based skill sets.   
Fayetteville Technical Community College, Adjunct Faculty, Spring 2018-Present

Created a digital art curriculum that focuses on building image correction and augmentation skills.  Taught a foundation studio course in two-dimensional design focusing on the elements and principles of art and design and an introductory drawing studio course focusing on various drawing materials, techniques and graphic principles.  Also instructed an art history survey course at the undergraduate level which facilitated group discussions in class and online, slide lectures and educated students on the period of Art History from prehistory to the 14th century. 

Methodist University, Adjunct Faculty, Spring 2019

Instructed a ‘Survey of Art History’ course at the undergraduate level.  Facilitated group discussions in class and online, slide lectures and educated students on the period of Art History from the 14th to 20th century.


North Carolina State University, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017

Introduced new students to the Art and Design Program in the ‘First Year Experience’ course.  Increased students’ design foundations and instructed the use of machines and tools in the materials lab.   
North Carolina State University, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Spring 2017

Managed a ‘Basic Drawing’ course at the undergraduate level.  Facilitated group discussions, led slide lectures and assisted students with foundation drawing vocabulary and techniques.

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